Considering Assisted Living

An assisted living facility is a residence hall for individuals who may need extra care with daily activities, such as medication, meal preparation and household chores, but do not need the full care of a nursing home.

They often feel like small apartments, as most residences require residents to bring their own furnishings and belongings, but can be a better option for some seniors because of the oversight and security they provide.


How is this different from a nursing home?

Nursing homes are designed for seniors who require daily care by a medical professional (those not just taking medication).

These facilities have nursing staff working 24 hours of every day, and often offer occupational and physical therapies to help meet their residents’ needs.


How much does is cost?

Cost will vary from residence to residence. Things like amenities, level of care, desired room size, location and location will all factor into monthly costs. However, it is safe to consider a monthly range of $1,500 to $6,000 per month.


What services are available?

Again, this will vary with each facility, but here are a few services most commonly found in assisted living residences:

• Two or three meals per day;

• Medication management;

• Regular hosted events for wellness, socializing and devotional services;

• Outings in the community, such as shopping, in the residence van;

• Housekeeping; and

• Security.


What are the requirements to live in an assisted living facility?

Because assisted living facilities are not nursing homes, there are base requirements for admittance. An assisted living center cannot admit someone who does not meet these requirements unless the residence is specifically certified to meet specific needs.

According to the Assisted Living Facilities Organization, base requirements include:

• Residents generally do not have a medical condition that will require 24-hour medical care;

• Residents are not a threat to themselves or others;

• Residents are free of communicable disease and have generally stable health; and

• Residents do not chronically need help from another person to walk or descend stairs.

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